How many times have you been out walking your dog or been at the park with your dog and you hear someone call out his or her name, only to learn that there are six other dogs present that may have the same exact name as yours? You will see all of these dogs looking around at once because they think they are getting called instead of the one that is actually being called. It happens a lot more often than you think mainly because there seems to be a group of common dog names that people seem to use over and over again.
There is nothing wrong with giving your dog a common name that others may share. The reason these names are so popular is because people really seem to like them and they fit the personality of their particular dog really well. It does not even matter what the breed of your dog is with certain names; common names seem to cross all of those boundaries for dog breeds whether it is for a male or female dog. Whether or not you decide to go with one of the common dog names is up to you; No matter what your pet is going to be your special friend.

Name Categorized Under
Boy Name Yogi Boy, Brown, Common, Golden Retriever
Mocha Brown, Bulldogs, Common, Golden Retriever, Huskies
Girl Name Cocoa Brown, Common, Girl, Huskies
Girl Name Cookie Brown, Bulldogs, Common, German Shepherds, Girl, Golden Retriever
Girl Name Hazel Brown, Common, Girl
Girl Name Honey Brown, Common, German Shepherds, Girl, Golden Retriever, Poodles
Teddy Brown, Bulldogs, Common, Golden Retriever, Poodles, Small
Copper Brown, Common, Corgi, Country, Golden Retriever, Huskies, Red
Boy Name Pepper Black, Boy, Brown, Common, Corgi, Huskies, Poodles
Boy Name Rocky Big, Boy, Brown, Bulldogs, Common, Corgi, Golden Retriever, Huskies, Pitbull, Poodles, Tough