Is your new puppy (or soon to be puppy) a little mellow? Does he just lay around while his brother and sisters crawl, play and fight over their mother? Then maybe consider a lazy dog name. We’ve compiled a list of names which contains synonyms for the word lazy along with some famously classified lazy names like Garfield. Take your time and page over them, your puppy is not going anywhere… Ha, get it? Lazy dog joke ;)

Name Categorized Under
Louie Common, Corgi, Lazy, Pug
Boy Name Homer Beagle, Boy, Bulldogs, Corgi, German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, Lazy, Pitbull, Pug
Boy Name Gus Beagle, Boy, Common, Corgi, German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, Lazy, Poodles, Pug
Boy Name Bud Beagle, Boy, German Shepherds, Lazy
Rust Brown, Lazy
Boy Name Scooby Boy, Corgi, Golden Retriever, Lazy
Chubbs Big, Lazy
Dozer Big, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Lazy, Tough
Boy Name Droopy Boy, Lazy
Boy Name Shaggy Boy, Golden Retriever, Lazy