There are just certain breeds of dogs that seem to require that the dog have a tough name. It does not even matter if the dog is male or female; if a dog is of a particular breed like a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman or German Shepherd people automatically assume it should have a tough name to reflect the particular stature of the breed. If you are looking into getting a dog that is known to be as a tough breed of dog, then you may want to consider some tough dog names to give to your new pet.
Breeds that exhibit a great deal of strength and toughness are well-known and dogs of these breeds seem silly if they are given cute and cuddly names that people often give as puppies. You have to remember that even though your tough dog looks cute right now he or she is quickly going to grow into a dog known for being big and rugged and having a name that fits that stature just seems right. It can also help to give people the notion that they should have some respect for the breed and your dog because it is going to stand by you and protect you.

Name Categorized Under
Boy Name Buckeye Boy, Brown, Tough
Boy Name Bear Big, Boy, Brown, Common, Corgi, German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, Huskies, Tough, White
Boy Name Rocky Big, Boy, Brown, Bulldogs, Common, Corgi, Golden Retriever, Huskies, Pitbull, Poodles, Tough
Boy Name Bruno Black, Boy, Brown, Bulldogs, Common, German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, Italian, Poodles, Tough
King Big, German Shepherds, Irish, Tough
Boy Name Chopper Boy, Bulldogs, Corgi, Tough
Blaze Corgi, Golden Retriever, Red, Tough
Ceasar Corgi, Tough
Tiger Corgi, Golden Retriever, Tough
Boy Name Spike Boy, Bulldogs, Common, Corgi, German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, Pitbull, Tough