Pugs are awesome dogs, they are super cute with distinct physical characteristics. Pugs generally are wrinkly and come in a variety of colors which include, fawn (tannish) and black. They have a compact body and generally are muscular. Being such a unique dog allows you to easily come up with pug name that reflects them. You can give them a black dog name, a small dog name or name them after a famous pug like Frank from Men in Black. The possibilities are endless. To help pick the perfect Pug name out we came up with a large list of names you can see below.

Name Categorized Under
Sesame Pug
Pugzilla Pug
Pugsworth Pug
Pugster Pug
Puggles Pug
Pepe Le Pug Pug
Muffy Pug
Mops Pug
Love Pug Pug
Lil Pug